Polkadots Software Newspaper Ink and Workflow Optimization
PLATEflo | Commercial Film and CTP Workflow for any Harlequin RIP
Unlimited Cross-platform Web-based Client
Control the entire workflow from any Mac or PC workstation using PrePage-it Web, our standard web-based Client. Log on and take command from any web browser, in any location - even home. Enjoy an unlimited number of connections. No installation is required.

Preflight Autofix
Save time and avoid problems. PLATEflo fixes numerous file-related problems, including PDF transparencies, missing fonts, RGB images, 4-color black text, hairlines, Pantone colors and more. Preflight reporting is good, but on-the-fly automatic file fixing is better.

ROOM Security
Avoid surprises at press time. PLATEflo produces Rip Once Output Many (ROOM) files, ensuring the proofs you see will match the plates you make. Secure, rasterized ROOM files are created at the start of the workflow and cannot be altered at any point during the production run.

Automatic Imposition (optional)
Let the imposition of pages take care of itself with Impose-it! Watch pages being imposed automatically based on your templates and pagination schemes. Monitor the imposition process, softproof signatures, and output them to your CTP for plate-making.

Happy with your existing imposition program? No problem!
Use PLATEflo-generated low-res pages to quickly impose and print signatures from any third-party imposition application, secure in the knowledge that there will be no last-minute surprises.

High-Resolution eProofing
View high-resolution softproofs of secure, rasterized pages from any web browser using the patented View-it plugin. What you see here is what will be plated and printed.
  • work with Job Definition so that submitted pages just fall into place as the job is processed
  • benefit from secure, data-locked hardproofs / eProofs / softproofs at any stage in the production run
  • integrates with your existing Page Layout systems as well as your current prepress equipment
  • benefit from a low-cost remote installation and training, and an “easy to learn…easy to use” quick integration with a rapid learning curve

Remote Job Submission (optional)
Give external suppliers the ability to submit pages directly to your RIP from any remote location using Send-it. Enable your customers to softproof their own pages, revise them as necessary and finally approve them, all without you having to do anything! No more FTPing pages, no more printouts, no more mailing of proofs, no more back and forth!

Automation (optional)
Automate as many parts of your workflow as you wish using the Move-it module. Speed up repetitive tasks, rename files, route files adaptively (via filters), move & copy files to multiple locations, implement load-balancing, configure housekeeping tasks and much more.

Maximize and Optimize (optional)
Scale up your PLATEflo at any time by adding multiple RIPs per box, or multiple RIP stations, or both, up to the level of production capacity that you require. Purchase only the options and features necessary to match your changing production needs. Then to harness all this power, optimize the entire workflow with Move-it Load Balancing, an automated system which ensures that every RIP on every machine is being used to its maximum capacity.

Download PLATEflo diagram

PLATEflo diagram

PLATEflo diagram