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Key-it | Ink Key report plugin for Harlequin RIPs
Reduce Make-Ready Waste
According to recent research, using an ink presetting method can reduce your make-ready waste anywhere from 20% to 50%. Reducing paper waste and ink waste will save you money. Coming up to color faster and more easily will improve production and quality.

Easy to Read Report
Key-it will generate an ink key report that makes it easy to preset inking on any press. There is no need to upgrade press components or purchase anything new for the press. Key-it allows anyone to take advantage of cost savings associated with ink presetting.

Ink Values on the Plate
Key-it can be setup to image the ink values directly onto the plate. The pressman can easily see the ink values and adjust accordingly at the same time as hanging the plates on press.

Faster Processing & Better File Naming
The Key-it plugin will create the 1-bit TIFF file for the plate at the same time as it makes the ink key report. Key-it makes TIFF files faster than the standard Harlequin TIFF Plugin and as an added bonus, Key-it offers superior file naming and job sorting.

Plug-in to any Harlequin RIP
Key-it will plugin into any Harlequin RIP regardless of the brand as well as the platform. Calculating the ink preset in the RIP is the fastest and most accurate method since Key-it accesses the actual data being used for plate or film production.