Polkadots Software Newspaper Ink and Workflow Optimization
PRESSflo | Automated Press Adjustments
Digital Web Growth/Fan Out Compensation
Fanout can occur when paper stock is stretched during the print process creating mis-registration and resulting in poor quality. PRESSflo can compensate for this phenomena in the following ways…
  • Scale or move all plates of a specific color.
  • Scale or move individual plates based on position on the press.
Digital Plate Rotation (Shimming and Cocking)
  • Shimming and or cocking of the plate in either direction.
  • Can rotate the plate from either the left or right plate edge.
  • Consistent, repeatable press moves every time.
  • Does all the shimming and cocking of the plates automatically with no effort.
  • Addresses individual press characteristics
  • Addresses all factors which can cause mis-registration:
    • Press wear
    • Poor plate punching or bad plate bending
    • Humidity
    • Heat
    • Other environmental issues.
  • Works with both one-around cylinder (Goss Community) and 2-around cylinder (Goss Urbanite) style presses.