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Fold-it | De-Imposition & Duplex Proofing
JDF Enabled
Fold-it is a completely stand-alone digital proofing solution that accepts JDF input to "DE-IMPOSE" 1-Bit TIFF imposition signature files created from any workflow even a basic Harlequin RIP. Fold-it uses imposition data contained inside of a JDF file to correlate between the 1-Bit TIFF signature and the final cut-down pages to generate a hard copy or soft copy proof enabling users to guarantee that pages have been imposed in the correct sequence.

Integrates into any workflow
Fold-it seamlessly works in conjunction with any 1-Bit TIFF workflow. Fold-it saves time when compared to wide format duplex proofers, that output cumbersome proofs of entire flats that need to be manually folded and trimmed. Fold-it's automatic Smart Mode automatically detects black only jobs and prints them in a flash.

Intuitive and Easy to Use
Installation is quick and easy, simply define some profiles then process jobs with the click of a mouse. Produce a digital blueline proof of a job in its final form using only a standard page size laser printer and paper; Fold-it will even save out as a PDF file. Use Fold-it's clear and concise error reporting to track down problems such as missing image or template files.

Fast and Flexible
Fold-it accepts imposition jobs RIPed with any 1-BIT TIFF generator, whether it is a complete workflow product like PLATEflo, Apogee PrintDrive, etc, or simply a RIP setup to create 1-Bit TIFF. Fold-it works with JDF data or Preps Job files. Proof an entire job or only selected Press Sheets or Webs. Print pages out, or save PDF, as single duplexed pages, or as reader spreads or printer spreads.

Saves Time and Money
With Fold-it, users avoid the cost of expensive proofing software and hardware required for printing double-sided (duplex) imposition proofs. Catch imposition errors and save money before plate making actually takes place, and unlike PDF or PostScript alternatives, Fold-it works with the 1-Bit TIFF file that will be used to make the plates.