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Move-it 4 | 10 Good Reasons to Upgrade
1. Process Faster
Internal processing has been optimized so that it bypasses intermediary steps whenever possible, resulting in workflows posting significantly faster processing times. For local operations in particular, file copies to a temporary folder are usually bypassed (unless absolutely required), so that in many cases all action nodes in a workflow are executed in a single amalgamated step. In addition, because many files are processed in a single operation, less disk space is required and less memory is used, marking a significant reduction in resources required.

2. Improved Network Communication
Move-it can now log on using different user account credentials for each input and output folder, facilitating access to network drives/folders by providing a convenient way to manage folder permissions. At the same time, an added security measure has been incorporated for network transfers: a temporary, local copy is systematically made before attempting a remote copy. This adds a layer of protection for when unforeseeable issues such as network interruptions or slowdowns arise. Rather than generate an error, Move-it can easily re-attempt the file transfer using the temporary backup copy it has stored.

3. Automatic Workflow Validation
Move-it now incorporates an intelligent, self-regulating mechanism which regularly checks the validity of all its workflows and makes adjustments when necessary. So for example, if all output folders in a workflow are unavailable because of network issues, the workflow is temporarily disabled. This avoids an unnecessary accumulation of files in the error folder as well as error messages. Instead, when files can be safely transferred to their output folders, the workflow is automatically re-enabled.

4. Better Integration with External Applications
The re-designed External Process module lets you specify multiple "return" folders, allowing it to grab several different types of files generated by your external program, which can then be used in the original Move-it workflow. For example, if Move-it hands off a PS file to Distiller™, it can monitor 3 Distiller output folders. Therefore it can retrieve up to 3 different files (e.g. original PS file, new PDF created, and error log if any), which it can then re-introduce into the original Move-it workflow as needed.

In addition, you can tweak the monitoring and copying of files by adjusting the Stabilization period, Timeout value and time interval for receiving "related files".

5. Folder Load Balancing
Move-it now boasts two separate, intelligent load-balancing systems. Along with Queue Load-Balancing, which has long served to intelligently distribute files between queues in a multiple PrePage-it RIP workflow, Move-it 4 now introduces the new Folder Load-Balancing, which controls how files are load-balanced in a workflow with multiple output folders.

Move-it achieves this by limiting the number of files that can be queued for each output folder and holding on to the remaining files so they can be fed to the first available output folder. This optimizes the overall processing capacity of a multiple-output workflow by always feeding the first output that is "ready to go", thereby providing the most sustained output possible.

6. Easy Management of Network Access Rights
Configuring network permissions and access rights just got a whole lot easier. This is because Move-it user logins are now defined with aliases and stored in a Secure Vault. So when you configure Move-it workflow permissions (a.k.a. Authentication), instead of selecting the required user account, you select its alias. Afterwards, any changes to Move-it workflow permissions can be made directly from the Secure Vault database simply by modifying an alias. That is, you just change the username or password associated with an alias and that’s it – no need to go into all the workflows one by one in order to modify all their permission rights.

7. Faster Communication with PrePage-it Web
This version brings improved communication with PrePage-it Web, the web-based client for the PrePage-it workflow. Move-it now uses "direct mode" to upload files to PrePage-it Web, bypassing intermediary steps so that big files get uploaded and queued for RIPping much faster than was previously possible.

8. Works as an Application or Service
Unlike previous versions, Move-it 4 can be run as an application or a service. Thus it is possible to select whatever mode is most suitable for your workflow, and if necessary, switch modes to accommodate changing circumstances. You can therefore reap the benefits of both modes, as required by your changing needs:

  • Run Move-it 4 as an application in order to connect easily and trouble-free to other machines on the network, since it can access remote drives without needing to log on with a user account.

  • Run Move-it 4 as a service so it will continue to work even if no user is logged on, and even after a reboot, since the service will restart automatically – no login is required by the service.

9. Enhanced Workflow Filters
Multiple nesting now allows you to build filters that are more complex and allow for greater precision. Filtering conditions can now be grouped or nested by enclosing them in parenthesis or joining them using AND/OR operators.

In addition, filtering conditions can now be configured more quickly by copying & pasting them from one node to another.

10. Numerous Enhancements & Improvements
The list of enhancements and improvements brought to Move-it 4 is long. Here are some notable examples.

  • Send E-Mail:
    • now includes CC, BCC and the choice between Plain Text or HTML body
    • creating e-mails and managing e-mail recipients has been simplified with revised interfaces for E-mails and the Address Book

  • Compress & Extract:
    • both modules now support multiple formats (Tar, 7z, Zip)
    • benefit from greater control over the creation and naming of a compressed file

  • PDF Create:
    • incorporate Security options into the PDFs you create
    • have greater control over the handling of PDF input

  • FTP Upload & Download:
    • now support SFTP and FTPS

  • System Log:
    • is now saved and permanently kept for easy tracking of past system events
    • contains more information, including events like workflow modifications & stoppages, as well as invalid or inaccessible folders
    • is filterable by Date and Event type (e.g. Success, Warning, Error)

  • Field Creator:
    • now makes it easier to create your own field variables by allowing you to make duplicates of existing field conditions

  • Importing workflows:
    • now supports the migration of Move-it 2 as well as Move-it 4 workflows, allowing you to import saved workflows from either version

  • History Report logs:
    • XML log files are now generated on demand only when a user requests information about a job, helping to keep disk space usage to a minimum
    • XML Report logs, which can be viewed in any web browser, now provide more information about processed files, including input PDF file size/date as well as which user account credentials were used to copy files

Move-it diagram