Polkadots Software Newspaper Ink and Workflow Optimization
About Us

Management Team

Polkadots Software is led by Gilles Duhamel, the son of Henri Duhamel Jr. and the product of many generations of printers and publishers. Gilles grew up with publishing and prepress and has worked in the family business since the age of 14. As President of Polkadots, Gilles brings a history of knowledge and experience in prepress and print production. Gilles has also served as President for Multi-Media and sits on the board of the Institute for Graphic Arts in Montreal.

Sylvain Audet leads the Polkadots research and development team. Sylvain's responsibilities include managing the engineering department as well as the technical support and QA departments. Sylvain has over 18 years experience working in developing, implementing and integrating software solutions for printing and publishing.