Polkadots Software Newspaper Ink and Workflow Optimization
PrePage-it | Harlequin RIP PreFlight Plugin
AutoFix PDF Transparencies
Still one of the biggest issues facing our industry today, PDF transparency is automatically resolved and compatible so any RIP will be able to image the file to any imagesetter or CtP.

AutoFix Missing Fonts
GATF award winning technology to not only warn if a font is missing but actually emulate the required font. Font emulation maintains the beginning and end of lines ensuring that there is no text re-run.

AutoFix RGB Images
Automatically convert RGB to CMYK with pre-defined parameters to ensure the highest quality. View high resolution detail of converted images and measure color right on screen.

AutoFix 4 Color Black Text
Automatically detect and fix 4 color black text to ensure that the job will print easily without registration issues.

Fix Pantone Colors
Automatically handle spot color separations - whether it is fixing the way that QuarkXpress renames Pantone colors or forcing spot colors to be separated as CMYK.

Create DataLock Files Instantly
Preflight Reporting is fine but finding potential issues and correcting them automatically is simply better. With DataLock files there are never any surprises, all of the PreFlight Fixes applied will be in the file when it is ready to go to the imagesetter or CtP - GUARANTEED!