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View-it | eProofing Plugin to any Harlequin RIP
High Speed without High Bandwidth Consumption
Forget about the "Digital Highway" - with View-it you can cruise the "Digital Autobahn" where your only limit is the speed of your internet connection. View-it's Pixel-on-Demand technology lets you stream high resolution data without eating up all of your bandwidth.

View High Resolution Files Instantly
Don't settle for JPEG proofs or other simulations. With View-it you see every detail precisely as it will image. Pixel-on-Demand not only lowers your bandwidth consumption, it also brings you high resolution data right into you web browser at lightning fast speeds.

Collaborate with Staff and Customers
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, View-it will never let you down. Collaborate in real-time with annotations, shared viewing and a full array of proofing tools to simplify and significantly speed up the approval process.

ICC Color Managed
Apply color management profiles with a color managed monitor and View-it instantly becomes a contract proofing solution.

Save Consumables
Go green and save money doing it. Use less ink, less paper and eliminate the need for courier services sending proofs back and forth. Speed, security, digital integrity, environmental as well as cost savings - who could ask for more.