Polkadots Software Newspaper Ink and Workflow Optimization
Ink-it | Ink Savings, Improve Quality
Save 20% in Ink Costs
INK-it has been proven to reduce ink costs. Customers report an average of 20% savings on ink purchases.

Better Color Reproduction
Minimize color variations throughout the press run. We have developed an automated method that will provide you with the optimal ink saving without any image degradation. Get brighter and cleaner colors with more detail. Others may try to claim higher ink savings but what is the cost in terms of image quality?

Save Paper
Improve your press run performance by printing at faster press speeds with faster drying times. In addition to ink optimization, the entire print process is made far more profitable. Press make-ready is faster with a much wider registration window and make-ready waste is reduced. Faster startups with fewer press disruptions mean you will save even more on ink, paper, water, chemistry and energy.

Plug-in to RIPs and Workflows
No need to buy new hardware, Ink-it installs on your existing RIP. No disruptions to your current prepress workflow.

Install and Ready to go in Minutes
INK-it calculates color transformations in a fully automated process. You can instantly benefit from our 17+ years of color separation and scanner experience. Ink-it was created by us and optimized over the past 17 years to work seamlessly for heatset and coldset web printing of newspapers, inserts and flyers. No messing around with trial and error methods while printing out test pages - just install INK-it and start saving immediately!