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Send-it | Web Based Job Submission
Remote Job Submission
Let your customers submit pages directly to your RIP, softproof the actual RIPped pages just as they will look on the plate, then revise their own pages and sign off on them once they are satisfied, all from the convenience of their own office! Putting the responsibility for RIPping, proofing, revising and approving the pages directly into your customer's hands is a win-win situation: they supply you with pre-approved pages, saving you the time and hassle of going back and forth with them; plus, it assures a quicker turnaround because your customers, who know their own jobs better than anyone else, are the ones revising and editing their own documents.

So Much Easier than FTP
Your clients simply open up a web browser, log in and start sending files. You choose and set the parameters for how files will processed up front. Clients can only see their own jobs and all of this takes place in your own branded web portal.

Open for Business 24/7
Send-it is the CSR that never sleeps, takes a vacation or even a coffee break! Your clients have instant access to submit work to you any time of the day or night, and with a web portal you can just as easily accept work from across the country as if it was across the street.

Email Notification
Get notified when a client uploads a file. Send-it can also send you an email message if a file has an error as well as let you know when files have been either approved or rejected by the customer.