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Move-it | File Moving and Automation
It's a really good product. It's flexible, very user-friendly and works as expected...very stable, very reliable. We used to have our own scripts, but they were nothing close to Move-it in terms of ease and versatility to set up so many different automated processes. Definitely Move-it has played a key role in automating key production workflows. I'm very satisfied with it and if I had to remake my decision, I would definitely choose to purchase this product again.
Jhon Marte, The Chicago Tribune
Director Client Systems
…satisfied Move-it customer since 2006

We’re using Move-it extensively and we’re very satisfied with it. It now does the bulk of what the Unix scripting used to do. For example in our Ads workflow, as soon as an ad is approved, it is instantly delivered to remote sites across the country...that’s thousands of ads that are processed daily just from this one workflow.

It’s very reasonably-priced and we don’t need people with programming knowledge to create or manage the workflows for us. The monitor is easy to understand and one of our helpdesk operators can look at it and easily see what’s going on. Service-wise, the tech support reps are very helpful. As soon as I call with a problem, they’re very attentive and they come up with a solution.

Tony Lobo, Quebecor - Sun Media
Prepress Manager
…satisfied Move-it customer since 2008
Move-it is a stand-alone application which can serve to automate any Polkadots or third-party workflow environment. Speed up repetitive tasks, rename files, move & copy files to multiple locations, implement load-balancing, sort and organize files and configure housekeeping tasks. As well, transfer files via hotfolders, FTP sites and e-mail attachments; create parsing and routing schemes to easily identify and reroute files to different locations; create and handle PDFs, interface with external programs, and much more. Move-it is a workflow automation command-center.

Move-it is flexible, versatile and scalable. The sheer number and variety of available functions means the possibilities and combinations are vast when configuring a workflow. This makes Move-it a powerful automation tool capable of handling the simplest of tasks right up to doing extremely complex series’ of cascaded events. Its modular design means that with Move-it, it’s not all or nothing - you can automate as much or as little as is suitable for your overall workflow – you’re in control.

Move-it is easy to learn, configure and use. The highly visual Design Editor features a sleek, intuitive and surprisingly user-friendly interface which makes configuring a workflow child’s play. You just drag and drop icons (representing various operations or tasks) onto the canvas, double-click to set up the parameters of each task, and draw arrows to link operations together and indicate direction of flow. In addition, you can monitor any operation, file or event in real-time, as well as track the log history of what has occurred.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and ROI, you can’t go wrong with Move-it. The more you automate, the more you free up valuable operator time. The time savings can be dramatic. In addition, when you automate difficult as well as tedious tasks (both of which may lead to errors), this can reduce wasted time and money even further.

Load Balancing
Move-it provides sophisticated load balancing for users with PrePage-it workflows who want to optimize performance and distribute their processing power across multiple RIPs and servers.

Workflows with multiple RIPs per box, or multiple RIP stations, or both, will benefit greatly from Move-it’s ability to harness all this power and maximize its throughput. The Load Balancing module is an automated system which ensures that every RIP on every machine is being used to its maximum potential. Operators only need to submit their files and watch as they get processed promptly and efficiently.

Key Features
Move-it offers an exceptionally wide-ranging and diverse array of easily-configurable actions, functions and tools.

Key features include:

  • File Moving & Copying
  • Intelligent (programmable) Hot Folders
  • File Parsing (identifying files and extracting information from their filenames)
  • Adaptive Routing (redirecting files based on customized filters)
  • Job/File Sorting
  • File Renaming
  • FTP Upload & Download
  • Send & Receive E-mail
  • Create, split, crop and output PDFs, as well as add keywords and extract PDF properties (see optional PDF Toolkit).
  • Load Balancing between RIPs (workflow performance optimization)
  • Housekeeping (i.e. automated “file deletion”, cleanup of folders / hard disk)
  • File Compression / Extraction (zip & unzip)
  • Interfacing with other programs, external processes, executable files, batch files, DOS commands, etc.
  • Parsing XML files (extracting data from a file’s XML Stream)
  • Tiff File Analyzer (extracts information about a TIFF and stores it in variables)
  • Field Variables (use built-in variables for file management, date/time stamps, etc.)
  • Field Creation (create your own variables, which take on an initial value and can be modified by a math/string operation based on conditions you specify)
  • Track events in real-time or in the history log
  • Integration with other Polkadots modules (PRESSflo, Pair-it / Impose-it, PrePage-it Web, PrePage-it Viewer, Key-it)

PDF Toolkit (optional)
Add a rich variety of PDF functionality to your Move-it application by including the PDF Toolkit. Acquire the ability to automate the following processes:

  • create PDFs from PS
  • split multi-page PDFs into single-page files
  • crop PDF pages
  • extract information or add keywords to a PDF’s properties
  • output PDF hardproofs on a pre-specified physical printer

Create strictly PDF workflows or combine any of these tools with standard Move-it tasks to create hybrid workflows.

Move-it diagram