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PDF-it | Harlequin RIP PDF Raster Plugin
Proof & Print from the Same Data
PDF-it processes and creates a Datalocked PDF file with the exact content securely locked down. Use Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Professional, MacOS Preview or any other application that offers PDF viewing capabilities to seamlessly and affordably soft proof your press ready files. When approved, simply print from your viewing application or submit the PDF directly to your workflow’s hot folders to make film or plates - everything is guaranteed to output exactly as proofed.

Compatible with All PDF Versions
PDF-it creates a PDF file that is compatible with all viewers and all versions of Adobe Acrobat. Datalocked PDF-it files are ideal for anyone who needs complete control over the files content but needs to send the same file to multiple locations for output.

Eliminate Font and Other Issues
PDF-it files are made from original files that have already been interpreted and processed by a PrePress quality Harlequin RIP. Fonts, data and all objects are normalized to precise kind of data that CTP and Imagesetters require. Eliminate errors caused by missing fonts, dropped logos and final output not matching proofs. Don't buy new fonts, recycle your existing Asian fonts, Kanji fonts and other double byte fonts by having them processed and included right in the PDF.

Plug-in to ANY Harlequin RIP or Workflow
No need to buy new hardware, PDF-it installs on your existing Harlequin RIP from any RIP vendor - regardless of if it is Mac or Windows. No disruptions to your workflow and nothing new for operators to learn.

Setup, Install and Training in under 30 Minutes
PDF-it is easily installed into your existing Harlequin RIP without disturbing any of the pre-existing settings. PDF-it does not require a dongle and there is no limit to size or number of PDF-it files you can create. With only a few minutes of training anyone can start creating Datalock PDF-it files and benefit from the ease, simplicity and security of PDF-it!